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Robert E Lee Elementary PTA
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Dad’s Club

A fun, functional network of Robert E Lee Elementary Dads

What is Dad’s Club?

The goal of the Dad’s club is to have a few focused achievable tasks which allow all RE Lee Elementary dads to contribute while encouraging and promoting the active participation in their child’s education.

A Note from The Dad’s Club Chair

As dad’s we have a pretty straight forward job. Keep our family safe, make sure the kids graduate and make sure they’re prepared for life. What’s so hard about that? If you don’t know what is so hard about that you need to click the back arrow as you are on the wrong page. For the rest of us there’s all the work that goes into keeping family safe, let alone getting kids through school.

As the fathers of an elementary age students where can we go to talk with other dads about how we can help our children in their education? And, have a beer or two as we discuss the stress of helping our children in their education? Glad you asked because that’s what the dad’s club is about.

The dad’s club has already put in two new planters and spent hours filling the cracks in the soccer field. Who knows how many twisted ankles have been saved. And, there’s more to be done. To make Robert E Lee Elementary even better, we need you to share your talents.

So if we can’t move you to join and volunteer through camaraderie or guilt, think on this: you should volunteer with the Dad’s Club before your wife volunteers you for something else.


Sign Up for Dad’s Club

To be added to our Dad’s Club Group, please email Brandon Yates at RELDADSCLUB@GMAIL.COM